Why choose a freelancer?

A freelancer by definition is someone unaffiliated with any agencies, design houses and full time salaried employment. But don't let that put you off! Remember, a freelancer will still have the same skills and experience as full time web agencies, only without the overheads. Freelancers are able to offer more cost effective solutions, a personal touch and will form closer relationships with clients as for a freelancer; reputation is everything!




A one stop audio recording site for VOIP devices, Hold Messages and other audio scripting. Features MP3 Players, actor samples, customisable pricing structure and invoicing based on serial number ownership and fully featured administration sections for actors, head office, dealers and distributors.

In addition, this site features dynamic branding to allow for white labelling of the whole site. Dealers submit their logo and select two primary colours, then the site calculates the look and feel based on that.

Key Points

  • Payment Processing
  • Project Managed by Codemonkeysteve
  • 4 Month Turnaround from specification to revenue generation
  • PHP / MySQL / jQuery heavy
  • Integrated MP3 Players
  • Secure login
  • Integrated email notifications and SMS
  • Dynamic branding



A management and reporting site for a range of call recording devices. It was developed in partnership with the hardware supplier.

The site is white labelled allowing dealer branding, features reports, realtime device statuses, the ability to listen to historical and live calls as well as basic CRM.

Key Points

  • Integrated to live devices via REST
  • Fully designed and implemented by Codemonkeysteve
  • 6 Month Turnaround from specification to revenue generation
  • PHP / MySQL / SQLite / jQuery heavy
  • Integrated WAV Players
  • Graphical Reporting
  • Dynamic branding



An eCommerce site dedicated to providing as many gift options as possible. Powered by Prestashop with a bright vibrant theme and custom modules. I also provided custom email addresses and hosting for this site.

Key Points

  • eCommerce
  • Implementation under £1000
  • Google Website Optimiser Site
  • Uses PHP and Prestashop
  • Search Engine Optimised



This is a wordpress site written for my own housing association. The design is intended to have a Scandanavian look and feel reflecting on the local nature. The main priority of the site was ease of use with very clear text with a minimalist approach to navigation and information sourcing.

Key Points

  • New Design Based on Wordpress
  • Custom Content Mailer
  • Customer can change their own content
  • Minimalistic design


Tina Vinther Poulsen

A minimalistic site designed to showcase the works of a new freelance landscape architect, Tina Vinther Poulsen. This site was up and running very quickly and allows Tina to edit her own content and upload her own photographs. There is also a simple contact form. There are plans to extend the site into a cart for her photography.

Key Points

  • Brand new site
  • Stylish minimalistic look
  • Customer can change their own content
  • Search Engine Optimised for her target audience



About Steve

I am a UK born freelance web developer with 15 years of web design and programming behind me and now looking to start my own web design agency with customer satisfaction as the corner stone. I am particularly looking for website optimization opportunities to improve existing websites profit margins by testing different designs and ideas then measuring the results using Google Analytics / Website Optimiser. I am also looking for new web builds and amends to existing sites.


  • HTML5 & CSS
  • PHP
  • MySQL & SQL Server
  • jQuery
  • Coldfusion
  • Website Optimization for a digital agency
  • Apache, MySQL and PHP configuration
  • IT Support


  • Friendly attitude
  • An ability to speak clearly and communicate effectively
  • Going that extra mile to ensure client satisfation
  • Professional approach to working together with you




I am always happy to answer your call on 020 3286 8696 and you can also contact me using Skype by adding my username as a friend: Codemonkeysteve. Sometimes I may be just unavailable so please feel free to use the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively you can email me directly at steve@codemonkeysteve.com.